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Bobcats Athletics

Estes Park High School


Bobcats Athletics

Estes Park High School

Bobcats Athletics

Estes Park High School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 2:40PM by Morrow

The Bobcat Way and MBB Off-Season Program

“Why we do things and how we do them is more important than what we do.”

Ivy Todd, Salutatorian and State Champion

The Bobcat Way

Last spring the head coaches of every sport began a series of meetings discussing the culture of Estes Park Athletics.  We imagined the ideal culture, and we compared our ideal culture to our current culture.

For 2017, we have chosen two points of emphasis for every athletic program and every athlete in those programs.  We call it The Bobcat Way.

Commitment + Pride = The Bobcat Way

We are building a championship culture around The Bobcat Way.  As coaches, it is our responsibility to be examples of commitment and pride.  Through this program I will mentor you in The Bobcat Way.  In order to do this, I must make myself available to work with you.  Similarly, you cannot learn from me if you are not here to put in the work.  

In my mind, the athletes that best exemplify The Bobcat Way will be the guys that play.

For our off-season workouts, Bobcat Basketball will define commitment in four ways.

  1. Commitment to the program — To be considered a varsity athlete, you should complete these workouts.  Do more than the minimum.  Do more than show-up. 
  2. Commitment to the process — Be coachable.  Success is rarely immediate.  Focus on the process, not the results.  Progress is incremental.
  3. Commitment to the team — In class, out of class, away from school:  help your teammates do their best.  Accept your role on this team.
  4. Commitment to yourself — Be the standard you want to see in others.  Don’t wait for others to inspire you.  Be the inspiration.

We have designed 48 strength and conditioning workouts to improve your speed, power, and agility this summer. We have also designed 48 individual basketball workouts that will improve your ball-handling and shooting.  Pick up a copy of the complete program at the Perry Black Center (PBC).

An athlete who completes these workouts with fidelity before August 21 is a good example of an athlete who demonstrates commitment and pride.  That's The Bobcat Way.  That's a guy that is going to play.  

The PBC is open twelve hours a day, six days a week.  Coaches are here to assist you.

Grab The Rope.
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